Monday, September 10, 2012

FILM26 - The Letter S

Sometimes its easier than other times.  Simple really.  The letter S for me was a breeze.  In fact, I had so many letter S photos that I had to set some aside.  The weather in Seattle has been outstanding for the past 48 days as I write this.  We are going for an all time record of dry days in Seattle - 51 in 1951 is the line in the sand.  Maybe we will cross it... maybe not.  But, no matter how you look at it - we've had one amazing stretch of summer.
Me and S with Sculpture
 I took an afternoon and headed to the Seattle Center area of town.  I stopped off at the Olympic Sculpture Park. 

Seattle Space Needle, Summer Sky and Jet
 Had to have a photo of the Space Needle for S - had to.

 I originally planned to take this for R - Rawr!  But I didn't get around to it and lucky me it really is a Stegosaurus.

 Another one of those - had to, photos.

 Yes, really, it is a Studebaker.  As I was taking photos the owner came out wondering what I was up to with taking photos and basically casing the car.  I explained the FILM26 project and it seemed to make sense to her. 

Suicide Doors (on the Studebaker)
 According to Wikipedia - the gangsters liked suicide doors because it was much easier to shove someone out of the car. 

Me and S in Color
One day, two rolls of film and 20+ miles on the car.  Nice!


  1. Marji,

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog today. I'm glad to know who has received one of my postcards, too!

    These photos are great, especially that old Studebaker. Brings back some memories.

    I enjoyed looking at your artwork as well, and appreciate the talent you have.

  2. Such beautiful photos... and i LOVE the painting in the next post - the POPPY PODS... something about that one just makes me ga ga. Love it. xox

  3. Oo! I love these! Especially the Space Needle shot. :-) Loving this weather!


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