Monday, November 26, 2012

Orange on Monday, Books and the Red Breasted Nuthatch

the Nuthatch
detail from a larger painting
The Reader
Sometimes things have a funny way of coming together.   I've been wanting a reference book on birds.  I've been thinking on it pretty hard, actually.  But, for whatever reason, I haven't had time to stop at Barnes and Nobel to look there for what I was thinking I was wanting. 
On the way home last week, I did stop... finally.  But not at B&N.  I made a stop at a Goodwill store that I pass by regularly.  No reason, to stop there - other than to look through their books.  There it was - Book of North American Birds.  A beautiful book that had been passed on - unused. 
There were some other books that I couldn't pass up.  One is a first edition, signed by the author 1918.  Another is a home handyman guide that has pressed flowers between the pages.  The last, another that had news clippings tucked into the pages - all dated from the 50's.  Then to top it off... I received a $2 bill in change.  So, proof in the pudding - yes... thoughts become things.

This sweet little birdie is a red breasted nuthatch.  I don't see them where I live.  Yet, he just had to be part of this larger painting that you can see here.  His sweet little belly is orange even though he is called red breasted.  Orange is my favorite color and favorite color is also the color prompt at Fearless and Fly.  I actually believe its the happiest color going.  How can one not smile, while thinking of orange?  Oranges, orange popcicles, orange sunrises and sunsets.  See what I mean?

Today I am also linking in with Mandarin Orange Monday.  Thanks to Lori at LoriKart for hosting.  You can see what others are up to on this Monday, by hitting the button below.



  1. hello (: i'm still stalking around your blog looking at your encaustic work.
    Would it be at all possible for me to ask you a few questions about your portraits in wax?
    I see that you don't have your email address posted, and that may be because you don't want to be bothered (: i can certainly understand that.
    I will totally respect your privacy if you don't want to answer my (one million) questions regarding encaustic portraits.
    my email address is and if you do have an abundance of free time (who has that?) maybe email me and i'll tell you what i'm doing with mine and you can tell me where i am going wrong?
    okay, thank you (: and seriously, if you don't message, it's really okay.

  2. I saw one of those birds for the first time at my feeder the other day they are lovely and you captured it so well here.

  3. Oh, your painting is so gorgeous, Marji. We have the little nuthatches here in Virginia.

  4. Love your story and your painting! I came from Artists in Blogland.

  5. It is nice to meet other orange lovers:) I agree- orange makes me happy. Your bird is lovely, a perfect shape and beautifully painted. I really like your style of painting.
    And as for Goodwill shops - we call them "Op" shops - or just Vinnies (as in St Vincent de Pauls who run some of them) - I love them! It is like a treasure hunt. Great for books and nic nacs - but also for clothes!
    Thank you Marji for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday.

  6. your little bird is stunning. Thanks for linking to Fall Fearless & Fly!

  7. such a sweet bird painting
    how wonderful that you found what you were hoping for, a beautiful bird book.

  8. Beautiful painting. I love the one of the face on your banner, too.

  9. Hi! Nice to meet you! I am visiting from Fall Fearless and Fly and I have to tell you how much I love your art and written words. Beautiful blog and header! Wow... Thank you for making the world more beautiful! ~kath

  10. Gotta love serendipity, huh? The nuthatch is just lovely, and the larger painting is marvelous. I envy your ability.

  11. Ah, there is nothing like the happiness that comes from serendipity when book hunting. Loved the story and your painting! Orange is my favorite color too. :)


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