Monday, August 30, 2010


Sunday Creative word prompt - Illuminate
She closed her eyes for a brief second as she took in the fresh air. There it was - definately the feeling of autumn. "How could it be?" she asked herself. Summer has come and gone so quickly. A flash of sunshine peeked through the fluttering leaves above her. The sounds of laughter floated on the air as children played along the grassy hillside. She loved how the gentle breeze touched her face and brought the lingering scent of summer. Each step was taking her closer to her destination and she was ready to be there. She stepped off the curb and crossed the street towards the small cafe on the corner. As she entered, the bell above the door sounded her arrival. The cafe was surprisingly full for this time of day. She looked around for an empty table, thinking she would be lucky to find a spot. A smile crossed her face as she saw him sitting alone by the window. The sunlight through the glass illuminated his strong features.


  1. I commented on this lovely picture on flickr too, it is stunning, a great prompt. Are you doing the new unravelling course? I am too

  2. Your photo is amazing and words even better! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Color Chic.

  3. I love your photographic interpretation of illuminate and your story leaves me wondering what happens next...I guess that's for me to figure out-or for you to write the next paragraph.
    Thanks for sharing.


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