Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sunday Creative word prompt - Orient
She walked briskly into the room; she was late. She glanced around, needing to orient herself with the surroundings. This was her first time here. The room was large, yet intimate and she was feeling comfortable as she stood near the doorway. She glanced quickly at the groups of people swaying gently with laughter and discussion. The smell of fresh flowers and champagne swirled in the air. "Where is he?'" she thought. She walked further into the room to where she could better see her surroundings. She felt a gentle touch on her arm. As she turned, she saw him standing there behind her.. "Would you care for a glass of champagne?", he asked. A smile broke across her face - "Yes, thank you" she said.


  1. a great sundial and I loved your words! wow, I wanted to read more. Thanks for your comments today, blogging is new to me so it's really exciting when people comment! I love your blog

  2. I just became your newest follower too


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