Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The World Beneath My Feet

My first question to you is... Do you Instagram?  If you don't, well, you should.  Download the app and join in the fun.  You can follow me - RainCityGirl

I've been collecting photos of me standing in the world ever since I took Susanna Conway's Unravelling course (You can see the side bar and click for information)
Holly (aka: Soupatraveler), a fellow Unraveller, got the bright idea to put together a place where we can all share our self portrait feet photos.
Its called from where i stand.  You can find it as a group on Flickr and also on Instagram #fromwhereistand

The idea behind it is to capture where you stand in the world. 
The rules are simple - look straight down and take a photo of the world beneath your feet.  Don't forget to include your feet in the photo. 
 With our camera phones its so easy to capture these unique places we stand in our world.
Here's some from the archives - and of course you will recognize that the header photo is one of the collection. 

It's pretty fun.  I hope to see you on Instagram!


  1. feet shots can be addicting and fun. i especially love the one with the turtles!

  2. You've inspired me!
    I was at the beach today & walked along a rocky track.Took lots of photos of "where I stand" and added them to the flickr group!
    Not on Instagram yet though:)


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