Monday, June 4, 2012

FILM26 - The Letter L

Its time for the letter L.  I decided to shoot color this time for the FILM26 project.  I've been kinda hooked on black and white for a while.  For some reason, I associate film photography with black and white.  I'm actually happy how these color photos turned out.  I did shoot color one other time, and it seemed so bright.  I prefer the colors to be a little more retro perhaps.  I think I will experiment with some different kinds of film.  There are some really cool film choices at this place.  They have surprise packs and mixed bundles.. Sounds fun. 
L is for... 
Me and L
 I was looking in on my friend's dogs.  They have a really beautiful yard that I could set up my tripod and play around. 
 This is a copper rain chain that serves as the downspout from the house gutters. 
 I took a spin around Capital Hill area in Seattle.  Its where I go to get my film developed.  There is never a loss for things to photo in this area.  I had a few shots left on my roll of film and was happy with the results.  Glad I took the time to take a few more shots.
Local Color



  1. what a fantastic set of shots, they have such a definitive quality to them taken on film. I am like you and seem to be taking only black and white recently. Really lovely work

  2. Beautiful shots around "home" :-)
    A copper rain chain is on "my list" I absolutely adore them!
    Have a nice weekend.


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