Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Favorites - Art Brushes for Encaustic

An artist's tools are the most important part of the game aside from imagination, I think.  Good brushes for painting are a must.  I'm a fine line girl.  I need the ability to lay in some delicate line in my paintings.  For wax, its challenging and I've been struggling with the proper tools to use for getting in the small stuff in the style of painting that I like to do.

I've discovered some new brushes that - for wax - are really good.  They are round camel hair and super cheap - which is a bonus.  They keep their point, they hold the wax well and they stay warm for a wee longer than other brushes..  I found them at Artist and Craftsman in the U District in Seattle.  I also LOVE these brushes for the bigger areas - here.

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