Saturday, August 30, 2014

Watcher, Summer and More to Come

Encaustic mixed media on birch 6x6
Been painting some, but not enough.  Seems like summer is getting in the way - but I really don't mind.  There are many studio days coming my way as the season winds down. 
I just uploaded a bunch of new works into my gallery.  I hope you go have a browse. 

And just for fun - for those of you who are interested - Flora Bowley is offering Bloom True Boot Camp for the month of September - Here


  1. This is lovely. I did see that about Flora's boot camp but I'm away a week in September so won't be able to do it all. Would like to though. I think summer would get in the way if my productivity too if we had more than about 3 sunny days (All of which I did abandon the easel and sit in the garden for! )

  2. Love all the birds in your gallery! Yes, summer does seem to shake up the routine a bit over here too... not sure that fall craziness will be any kinder to the lonely paint brushes over here... but I do have something ready for you! Go look:-)

  3. Your birds are gorgeous! I particularly love the lime green one! All are so fabulous!! A really wonderful series!!
    Can't wait to see more new ones!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Hi- I have 8 of your little bird paintings now. I have been buying one every 2 weeks, when I am up Lake Forrest Park at Garden Essentia. I have them all on my kitchen island stacked 2 high and really enjoy seeing them daily. I live on Lake Washington and we see numerous birds. I feed the ducks so every morning I have about 80 waiting on our dock. There are some real different ones. We had a Crain in the early summer, and last week 4 otters climbed the rockery and crossed over the dock to the other side. So if you are ever wanting to get a close up of any lake birds just tell them at Garden Essentia, and they will pass on the word. Once again, you do wonderful paintings. Stephanie


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