Friday, February 27, 2015

Terminal, Giving and The Little Owl

Little Owl
encaustic on Masonite

Yesterday I found out that a good friend of mine has terminal cancer and just a short time to live.  Its all come down very quickly and the shock factor is still lingering.  I went to see her today in hospital empty handed.  What do you take to someone in this spot in life?  I couldn't imagine bringing flowers or magazines or potted plants or balloons.  These are all lovely gifts and we all give what we can and what feels right.  But for me, I only took myself.  Maybe it was enough for today, but I felt that tomorrow must be different.
I came home and I painted.  I had to try and express what I was feeling and what I can give in this dire time.  This little owl will go to hospital tomorrow and watch over my friend.  The owl has great meaning in the totem world plus it is also the symbol for Athena and all her wisdom and strength.  I couldn't think of a better guardian to be on duty during this time. 


  1. OH Marji... I am so sorry to hear about your friend... may your little owl bring comfort to both of you...


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