Thursday, July 16, 2015

Poetry, Summer Song and Little Birds

Marsh Wren
encaustic, oil and graphite on birch 6x6
A friend sent me this lovely poem - with a note that said "I feel like Nancy wrote this poem for every artist I know".  I totally agree -

Summer Song
Tonight I break the map that says don’t sell yourself
I brag and leave the humble out of it
I kick the Minnesota-raised girl to the curb
and yell, “I am fucking awesome!”
Sing it girl, don’t be shy.
What’s the use of pretending I’m dull?
I’ve got a loud voice, I’ll use it.
I’ll not waste another minute.
Translate fear into possibility
take the gnaw in my stomach
belch it out
until my core glows orange, no pain left.
What’s doubt and dread
except stagnation to grow
up and out of? I’ll turn tiny-ness
on its head and live large, for sure
I wear my brave face
I dance in the street
with pure abandon
sing with all of my notes out of tune.
I do karaoke with no machine
until my family laughs
the neighbors come onto their doorsteps
they cheer me on.
Summer is short, its nights long
and full of sweetness; I practice daring
on the cooled concrete
while the red sun sets
an orange globe of power
that I swallow whole
voice loud with song
my body a ray of light.
Nancy Schatz Alton
Freelance Writer, Editor & Writing Coach
Co-author of The Healthy Back Book & The Healthy Knees Book


  1. What a great poem and what a gorgeous wee bird! I love seeing you back to painting encaustic again as I love it so much and know it's not something I'll ever use myself so need to enjoy it vicariously through you!

  2. Gorgeous poem and painting. Love ♥

  3. Love, love your bird and the poem is awesome!

  4. great poem and a gorgeous piece of art!!

  5. Stunning bird, such an appropriate amazing poem to accompany it! This is a PERFECT post!! Well put together... LOVE IT ALL!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Your marsh wren has a very animated spirit.

  7. Your little wren is just wonderful, and the texture you've achieved is so very good.
    I really love this.

  8. I love your wren, you are so talented! Wonderful post.


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