Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Printed Word

The Sunday Creative word prompt - Traditional

The written printed word is running the risk of becoming obsolete. E-books, websites, blogs all these things are gaining ground. The newspapers of this world are barely hanging on, barely surviving. I love reading the newspaper in the morning. Its tradition in our house - all the way back to my childhood, we read the paper. Every morning, we sit in bed with coffee and read the paper. I can't imagine not starting my day without this ritual, this tradition.
The newspaper is an icon. We paper train our puppies, we make paper marche, we make hats, sailboats, airplanes. The newspaper sees us on to new chapters in our lives as we pack our dishes when we move house. We start bonfires, we wash windows, we cover our heads as we get caught in the rain. Really, the newspaper is part of the fabric of our lives.... its amazing to think that something as iconic as the newspaper could fall by the wayside, another roadkill of modern times.

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  1. saw you on the sunday creative, great shot and great blog


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