Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 July 2010

Hot today in Jet City.. I was sitting outside on the deck watching all the activity on the Lake. I love how its like a bee hive when the sun shines. I was working on getting caught up on the Unravelling assignments and also the second week of the Artist's Way. I found I was falling behind, so I repeated week 1 of AW and am just midway into week 2. Unravelling was also throwing me off a bit with Alter Ego week last week. I actually didn't even get a photo posted for that until this week. I was struggling with what I would like to be other than me. It took a while to get into it, but I thought a lot about it during the week. I guess I never really let myself dream in that way. It was good.

We're one week away from the end - We're at week 7 now - Tribe week. That's a tough one for me too... My tribe is all over everywhere. But, I guess that's what is important to realize and identify the ones that are still so important to me. I still don't have a photo for that one. I'll have to think on it a little more. I can't think for too much longer though.. its almost the weekend and I still need Denim for Sunday Creative and my color for 64-colors. Holy cow, I better get a move on =)

I took some great sun kissed photos this week and also on my road trip to Spokane last weekend. It was nice to get away and go see old friends. I realized that Spokane doesn't hold anything for me anymore since we moved from there over 2 years ago. But, I think it was good to go back, realize that and visit my old tribe for probably the last time. There are just a couple of really important friends in my life that are still there. Lots of people I know... but not the same as those particular friends. I don't talk to any of them on a regular basis, but the best part is that when we do talk, its like yesterday was the last time we saw each other. Those comfortable relationships that never go away - they are always there no matter what. Its comforting to know that. On my way home, as I drove across the state, I had lots of time to think. I am so happy with where we are now - it feels like the most right place we've ever been. Its a nice feeling.

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