Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30 June 2010

Out in the Great Wide Open
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Into the Great Wide Open...Under the Skies of Blue...Out in the Great Wide Open..

Tom Petty~

The Sunday Creative word prompt - OPEN

I took a roadtrip. I left on Sunday and returned yesterday. I drove across our beautiful state of Washington from one side to the other. Takes about 4.5 hours. I left the westside maritime climate and travelled over the pass through the Cascade mountains. After descending all the way to the Columbia River gorge at Vantage, I climbed back up onto the flat plains. Nothing but farmland and wide open spaces for miles and miles. It has its own beauty each mile I travelled. I clicked photos out the window as I drove along.
I was headed to see friends and spend a couple of days in Spokane. The weather was sunny and hot. I decided that I really love being warm. I do love Seattle, but I love being warm. It was nice to get away.... but it was also nice to come home.

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  1. so perfect for wide open. need to post mine.


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