Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 June 2010

I look up to the sky and think - wow~! I'm the luckiest girl around. I am so inspired..

now what do I do with it!?

I feel like its been ages since I was here... Guess I've been busy.

Today is Day 10 of Creativity Boot Camp - Today's photo prompt was "full-bodied". Could only think of wine (imagine that! =)

The combination of Creativity Boot Camp and the Unravelling have really been wonderfully overwelming. I can barely keep up and feel that I'm sort of missing out on the finer points of it.

I do my assignment, internalize the journal prompts and scurry about my day. Thinking about all of this - the entire day... its a wonder I can get anything else done. Although, I remember reading somewhere that people who are artists may not actually create but they think about it all the time. I think this is me..

Through these two incredibly enriching things I am participating in, I really feel that my creativity is increasing by far and that it is really helping me see inside myself. I'm terrible at blogging and journal writing. I tend to think about the journal prompts and not really write anything down. So, I'm going to try really hard now to write more. I went off to the bookstore and got myself TWO lovely journals to see if that would inspire me to write. I think its a matter of making time for it. Or, at least the perception that I DO have time for it.

As our journal prompt for CBC - we were to tune into our senses and realize the sensations around us. Today I walked the dog very early. It had just finished raining so we darted out to get walkies in before the next showers.. The birds were chirping and rejoicing the rain being gone for a little while anyway, the breeze was causing the lake to gently lap against its shore. The sounds of the bike tires on the damp pavement... The fragrances around were so lovely. Kind of hanging in the air - grass, honeysuckle, lavender... Had it of been warmer, they would have been more prominent, but they were there. The smell of coffee when I came back, the wine from the photo I took... all these sensations that are easy to tune out in a day. It was nice to realize them. We'll see what other sensations I can be part of today... tactile, sound, visual, taste...

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  1. Oh, wow! This is so beautiful! The angle. The contrast of colors. The brokeh. Nicely done!

  2. Great angle and addition of the bokeh. Lovely!

  3. Beautiful photograph. I am doing unraveling and signed up for creativity boot camp, but it was a bit too much for me to do all at once. I know what you mean.


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