Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16 June 2010

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Creativity Boot Camp Day 12 - Hush

Hush to me means serenity, quiet... taking a break from a busy day and just chilling for a little while.

Today is one of those days I should have spent getting caught up, but I didn't. But, that's OK... I needed a break today. A day to just be in the world and really do nothing other than whatever I felt like doing. I did that, and it felt good!

Today for CBC, our journal prompt is to reflect on our life and the milestones, hurdles, life decisions, etc. that have brought us to where we currently stand in life. This is much like the Unravelling... a look at the journey which we have travelled so far. Did I make the right call at that turn? What would have happened had I have chosen a different path at the "Y" in the road? What about the people I have met - those I have chosen to keep forever, and those that have just let pass through? These are things that I can not second guess. The decisions were made at the time and I trust that I chose correctly. I can't imagine my life any differently. Would I change a decision I made here or there? I think we are all tempted to say "yes" to that question. However, I wouldn't be where I am currently standing now, had I have chosen differently.
I walk confidently forward from here, knowing that I can continue to make the right decisions for me. My past travels have been both bumpy and smooth, and I expect that pattern to continue - its life. I've earned these scars on my knees and I am proud of them. I think they make me stand taller. I'm happy with this.


  1. Lovely photo and thoughts. See you tomorrow. ♥tlb

  2. Great photos. Definitely feels "hush hush" here.


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