Monday, June 7, 2010

7 June 2010

Day 2 of Creativity Boot Camp - today's word is Picnic. However, I kind of feel that picnics are gone. Does anyone really do them anymore? There are lots of tables around, but how often do you really see anyone sitting at them. It's kinda sad actually. I have many wonderful memories of picnics from my childhood - cold chicken, deviled eggs, paper plates... nothing but sheer delight. I think we are all just a little too busy these days to take the time out to plan and do a picnic. Maybe its time we changed.... I titled this photo - Forgotten Times.

We are also given a journal prompt - to reflect on ourselves as an artist. Do I shy away from calling myself an artist? Yes... why is that actually? I grew up an artist, my Dad was a great Artist and so it goes down my family tree on my Father's side. Maybe that's the trouble... there are so many great artists in my family... really famous ones - like in museums and stuff... true passion in these people. Then there is me. I can't find my way, I try this and that and am never really happy with any of it. too much pressure on myself... I don't fit into the stereotype "artist" and I don't hang with the "artsy" crowd where we can talk art together. I don't fit in... but, yet there is still that burning passion for creativity inside of me. I can't help but to let it out in some form or another.. If I put a lid on it - it just festers inside until if I don't let it out, I think it will eat me up. I do truely love it - art... For me it has taken the form of photography this time. I am really enjoying myself and being able to release this passion inside.

How can I outwardly reflect my inner artist... I'm not sure about that. I bought a pair of blue chucks which seem to be the photographer's choice of shoes because they are so photogenic. Maybe this is a start. Will people see me as an artist if I wear these shoes?

Three people who I am comfortable sharing my creative work with are - my Mom, she was married to an artist for almost 54 years before it ended on Feb 12 of this year. My Dad passed away and it was a very sad day for this world... My brother, who I have to say that I was not close with until my Dad's death... we are together again which is a blessing and he too is a creative soul, but alas, he doesn't let it out enough. My husband is always willing to see what I do - he is not an artist in the true form as we know it... he is an artist in his business world and it is his true passion and he is really, really good at it.
I'm finding that the great cloud out there called Flickr is a wonderful place to stretch my artistic wings... I'm loving being connected with others that are just like me. Its really cool to belong to a community where I actually feel like there are others like me. I never realized how powerful it really was to belong to a community until I have now found where I feel I can belong....
I kinda like this ... artist. Ok, maybe it will fit this time.


  1. HI Marji. I just found your blog by chance.
    You are so much an artist I have seen it in jewellery and now photos. Hope you will always feel connected to me too.
    I love being part of that community with you on 365 and I am so excited you are doing Unravelling.
    Looking forward to connecting in blogworld as well now.
    Ingrid x

  2. This really is such a nice post. I never thought about all the empty picnic tables at our park like that before. I agree. I want to go pack a picnic right now. :) ♥tlb

  3. Hello fellow unraveller! I like this post - very honest - & I totally relate to shying away from the "artist" label - it's what I long to be called, but I guess I feel like I haven't earned it yet. (I'm always my worst critic.) Busy with my kids these days, but the urge to make stuff is always there . .. and I too have few artist friends, so Flickr is definitely a nice community.
    P.S. My kids are very into having picnics lately!


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