Friday, June 4, 2010

4 June 2010

Creativity is an interesting thing. Some people "get it" and some people don't. However, I believe there is creativity inside of all of us. Some of us are just more fortunate to be able to let it out in some way, shape or form.
My Mom and I had lunch at Odd Fellows Cafe on Capital Hill. We were headed to Elliott Bay Book Store to see its new location and see what interesting things we could find. We had been to the Japanese Garden and were pretty much starving by the time we arrived at the restaurant. We were standing in line at the lunch counter. I glanced over and saw these jars lined up all sparkly and colorful with their contents. I left the line and snapped a couple of photos. My Mom is used to my photo antics and also just being with creative people so she paid no mind. The gentleman in front of us asked me about the photo - Why did you photo that? Am I missing something? I just don't "get it". I explained the lighting, color, sparkle, interesting-ness of it, etc. He asked some questions and seemed engaged in the conversation. It was his turn to order and as he turned from us, I saw him look over at the jars, ponder for a split second, then smile...
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