Thursday, May 26, 2011

Barcode Birthday

Breaking free of the HBZ

So, my husband had a birthday.  A milestone, of which I won't divulge.  I decided that I wanted to make him his present this year.  Something to hang on his wall at work.  He is in the barcode industry, so this does all make sense. 

This is where I had a Revelation..  It came to me like a whack in the head.  Its time to step it up.  To start taking what I do more seriously.  To yes - leave what I fondly call "the Half Baked Zone" (HBZ).  I realized that I have been hanging out in the HBZ for some time - years actually.  Its the place where c+ to b- work is all I really do.  Its OK, not great, not bad.  Rarely finished professionally or nicely.  Just done.  When I vowed to leave the HBZ as I was walking the dog...  I realized how the HBZ had crept into many aspects of daily life and not just creative life.  Wow!  I've got some work to do.

I had recently been to the studio of a friend, another encaustic painter.  It was my first visit to her house.  She shared with me some techniques for mounting prints to cradled panels.  She shared what she does... finish her work beautifully.  Perfect timing for my whack in the head regarding the HBZ.  

So I tried it.  I used her technique and made these for my hubby. I was careful, I was precise, I took my time, I finished the edges perfectly.  I loved the results.  I smile every time I walk by these on my way to my studio. 
I had told him that I had made his present.  I could see in his eyes, he was a little apprehensive based on the other things I have produced... all very much part of the HBZ. 
When he saw them, he liked them.  In fact he was pretty excited about them.  Not just in that "she made these for me so I have to be excited about them" way.  No, this was the real thing, he was excited.  They will hang in his office because they are nicely finished and broke free of the HBZ.
They are the barcode for Titleist golf balls - Pro V to be exact. I decided if there was to be subliminal advertising in his office during the day it need to be other than the barcode for Cheezits.


  1. I think these are really cool. I especially like the first one you featured solely. HBZ-yah, know ALL about it. Now I have a name for it.

  2. that is so cool that you did that!

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