Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've taken a bit of a break.  I've been sick, but on the mend and feeling better every day.  But really, that's just been this past week.  So other than that, I really don't have an excuse nor do I really have a reason. I just kinda put the camera down.
I just took a break I guess... Lost motivation, moved from this spot in my life... not sure what really happened, but I just didn't feel like it.  So, guess what?  I chose to take a break and let it sit for a while. 
Why do these things happen?  Why do we let go of something we love?  Is it a natural process?  Do we get bored with it?  Do we lose the creative mojo? Or perhaps we just get busy and have to let one thing go to fit in another. I'm really not sure.
Thankfully I signed up to do Creativity Boot Camp over at  Its been a gentle CBC this year.  Not a frenzied photo fest like last year.  I think its what I needed.  A gentle coaxing back into the fold.  Among other things, Maegan asked us to take self portraits. Selfies are kinda fun, I enjoy them.  I've never figured out why the person I see in the mirror in the morning - to me... is much more beautiful than I can capture in a photo.  I hope that if I can actually take enough selfies, that maybe I can capture that which I see when I look in the mirror. 


  1. Lovely photo, I like the crop. I can tell you are smiling even though I can't see your mouth. We all have creative cycles, and it's important to go with them. There are lulls as well as incredibly productive times.

  2. i think we've all been in that place. i ask myself the same question when it happens to me. why???

    i love your selfie. i've been working on mine this year too.

  3. Your selfie is beautiful and I love the crop! I can so relate with what you're saying... and I thought it was only me...!


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