Wednesday, May 4, 2011

IKEA for Mounting Encaustic Paintings or Photos

I've had an amazing April.  So busy it seems.  The highlight was a four day encaustic painting workshop here in Seattle put on by R and F paints.  Daniella Woolf was our instructor.  I learned so much that my head was bursting by the time I left on Sunday evening.  12 people from as far as Canada, the midwest and Nova Scotia.  Great group, great class - so much to try now.
Above is a group of 3x3 paintings on 3/4" birch plywood.  They are done with India ink and mono print.  I wanted to display them somehow other than stacking them on a shelf.
When I was at IKEA cruising the aisles looking for whatever...  I came across their magnetic stainless steel wall mount knife rack.  $8.99 - I got two.  I mounted one vertically on the wall.  it does not come with screws, so you do need to get some in order to complete this project.  
 Next I put a cluster of 4 thumbtacks on the back of the painting.  The thumbtacks work fine, but next time I will try supergluing a large flat round washer from the hardware store.  The paintings hang nicely - a little off center and some wanted to hang a little catty wompus  - has something to do with the magnets in the knife rack.  I like the way they stack kind of like building blocks but they can be stacked straight too.  
This method can also be done in reverse with a metal bar on the wall and magnets on the backs of the paintings.  
I haven't tried it with photos yet, but I think I will use flat round washers to hold the photos in place on the rack.

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  1. That is so cool! I love IKEA for inexpensive options like this, but you were really creative about the use too.


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