Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photo Mojo - Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Motion, "Waiting to Click", In Fashion, Animal's Perspective and Many.  

Spring is in the air.  April showers are really coming down.  I am so ready for this soggy start to result in amazing flowers.

•Waiting to Click•
I waited, I tried to get the perfect people shot here.  I so wanted that person to walk slowly along and let me get the perfect photo.  Head over to Kat Sloma's for
 Waiting to Click - Exploring with Camera

•In Fashion•
Anthropolgie - Downtown Seattle.  I'm ready to move in :)

•Animal's Perspective•
The cat and dog are great friends. They hang outside together, the kitty on the window ledge and the dog underneath him.  This is Ming's view from his perch.

So beautiful.


  1. These are wonderful - the second shot is wonderful!

  2. Great pictures! Love your in fashion shot!

  3. These are great! I really like your motion shot.

  4. Wow I love the motion shot and the waiting to click. The flower shot is also gorgeous!

  5. That first shot is awesome, so pretty.

  6. i am in love with the dog shot! great images.


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