Thursday, November 3, 2011

Line and rule of thirds

I love taking classes.  The thing about taking a class for me is that it pushes me.  Being pushed sometimes is a really good thing.  Or perhaps, this is more like a kick in the butt.
Susannah's Photo Meditations class is doing just this for me.
This week, still working on line and rule of thirds.  I can't understand why sometimes its hard for me to get that right when looking through the lens - the rule of thirds. 
I have to do some cropping after the fact to get what I want.
Need to work on this - more.

More line work...
 Working with line is pretty fun actually.  Line is everywhere in our lives - literally.  As I pulled into Home Depot's parking lot - the rows of carts at the side of the building caught my eye.
iPhone in hand - yep.. did some exploration of line.

This is fun.

Photo Meditations


  1. Those are very cool. Home Depot carts...who would have thought?

  2. I love the study of lines with the carts, they create such interesting shapes together


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