Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Line and Negative Space

Playing around with line and negative space today for Susannah's class:  Photo Meditations
We're also taking a look back at the basics - the rule of thirds.  There is something about reviewing the basics that brings things back into perspective again.
Its easy to forget this stuff.  And, isn't it amazing what it can do for a photo when you pay attention to it?

It was a beautiful foggy morning this AM.  Doggie and I walked down to the lake to take it in. 
Cold and crisp - welcome to November

Photo Meditations


  1. these are beautiful, I'm so excited about the lessons, I havent started to take any photos yet though which I'm sad about. I can't wait to see more of yours

  2. i love that you are finding the beauty in the everyday at home depot! sounds like a great class.


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