Friday, December 16, 2011

Hope Less. Realize More.

Ever really given this word consideration? 
I'm giving up HOPE - it's a good thing really.
Danielle LaPorte says it so perfectly. 
When you speak of hope - and this word lands out there in the universe.  What does it really say?
"Hope hangs out on the sidelines... just, you know, hoping. While expectation, optimism, and pragmatism are on the field playing the sport of life. Full on."

 I'm banning
from my vocabulary - really. 
Instead of:
 "Gee, I HOPE I can make time for that". 
"I sure HOPE I get this done".
I'm trying to use positive action words - hero words.
"Gee, I want to make time for that, its important to me."
"I will get this done"
Point taken.
Reframe it - rethink it - resay it

"When you move beyond HOPE, you take responsibility" 
So with that said
I am chosing to lose HOPE.
Its not that easy.
I catch myself still hanging on to HOPE.
But really
I'm better off without it.
Read Danielle LaPorte's
HOPE less.  Realize More.


  1. I love this approach! Yes, it's about action, and not wishing. Hope is like a wish in a way. You hope other people notice, or hope something happens. But you can make other people notice or make something happen on your own. Great post!!

  2. Very cool photos! Love this post and great link, thanks!

  3. i appreciate what you are saying here. funny that i posted about hope on Mortal Muses today right?


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