Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lunch Date

I have a standing date with my Mom.  We go to out to lunch.  We try for once a week, but sometimes schedules don't mesh and it doesn't work out.  But, we try really hard to never miss.
Yesterday, we hit our favorite bakery in Olympia -
The Bread Peddler

Every morning they make beautiful artisan fresh breads and pastries, soups and sandwiches.

Mom and I ponder all the Delicious choices in the cases.


We were early enough that finding a seat wasn't hard. Its a great place to linger over lunch.

We ordered and chose our seat by the window.  The sun was streaming in and the atmosphere was warm.


We didn't have to wait too long before lunch arrived.

French onion soup for me and a delectable sandwich for Mom.  The bread was crusty goodness and the soup dripping with its cheesy topping. Soul food for the last day of November.

This is the final week for Photo Meditations with Susannah.  This week, we are focusing on telling a story with our photos. 


  1. Oh, you told your story beautifully. Fantastic images, a beginning, middle and an end. I felt like I was write there with you both. What a nice ritual to have with your Mom.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful day with your mom, and I can almost smell that bakery!

  3. a beautiful story you were able to tell in photos. it's great that you and your mom see each other so often.

  4. This was lovely. My daughter and I have gotten together for dinner nearly every Wednesday night for the past 15 years or so, but I've never thought to take pictures. I can see I need to try that! Thanks for the inspiration.


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