Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Messages

Whenever I ride in an elevator I really never look at my fellow passengers.
Nor does anyone really look at me either.
We stand with our faces looking at our feet
or we check our smart phones.
Really..  Anything to avoid eye contact
The elevator doors slide open and we all shuffle out.
Emerging from the underground parking, we hit the main level and go our own way.
 Today, the doors slid open and there stood a woman wih her back
to all of us.
She was admiring the tile wall that faces the bank
of doors.
I've walked by this wall numerous times and never really took pause.
Today I stopped.
I paused.
I was inspired by the obvious joy that she was experiencing.

Little messages
there for the taking.
To brighten a day.
Its good to take pause.

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