Sunday, January 1, 2012


Starts Tomorrow
January 2

If you follow me, you'll remember I mentioned that I was going to start a film group.  It was a while back.  Well, its here and it starts tomorrow.
Sometimes when ideas come they dry up and fizzle away.  Gone to find someone else. Others hang in the air and keep reappearing in thoughts.  They don't go away.. they linger.
The film camera project was one of those that lingered.  It just seemed that it needed a life.
I have found such a wonderful group of people through photography; mainly through Flickr.
Tammy Lee Bradley, the founder of Mortal Muses and now Girl's Guide to Gear (GG2G), is one of those fine people.  She has offered her GG2G website to host FILM26.
In addition to Tammy, I'm also joined by some truly talented ladies
Beverly LeFevre, Bridget Brewer,Justine Gordon,and Meghan Davidson 
Please join us at FLIM26 on Flickr.
There are 26 two week periods in a year and 26 letters in the alphabet.  The project is to use a film camera, any kind, and the corresponding letters of the alphabet as our inspiration during the year.
Throughout the year on GG2G there will be posts, photos from the Flickr pool, fun film insights, giveaways and winners.  You can count on every other Monday but visit often because there will be a lot going on.
Join us on Flickr at FILM26 and be sure to check in at
Grab a button and tell your friends.


  1. so glad to see you figured out your new project. i'll see you there!

  2. Does sound my invite from Tammy and will head over there soon ;)

    Best in 2012 to you and yours!


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