Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Walk About

Exit Through the Gift Shop
have you seen it?
Its a documentary about street art.
Its an interesting insight into the world of street artists including
I really enjoyed it.
Street art has always fascinated me. There is something about it that seems to resonate with me for some reason.

Its an interesting Art form that is generated in the night.  One day its there and the next it is gone,
covered by someone else's work.
It has a short life span but yet, in some cases,
a lot of work behind it.

On Monday, I spent a day dedicated to photography. 
Three cameras and dog as my companion.  It was a beautiful day.
I didn't set out with the mindset of shooting street art.
I just happened upon it in an area of Seattle called
Capital Hill.
Some are small
 Some are large
 Some are very high on a building
 Many repeat
The lengths that these artists go to for displaying their work. Yet, knowing how short lived it will be, they keep making it - creating.
It will be interesting to revisit this place in a few weeks and see what has changed.


  1. Love this post and love street art. It really appeals to me-and you've stated some things that I had'nt thought thru, but ring true why it does. I'm also entranced by a building, bricks, cement, ruin as canvas. Some street art I've seen actually used window frame jut-outs as part of the image. Glad I caught this. Wish I lived in Seattle to see it. New Englanders have that puritan thing in the ancestory that doesn't always applaud this kind of art.

  2. I'm also a Seattle girl and may just take a little trip to Capital Hill. I think a lot of times we just glance by street art without it registering but you were aware and looking for it, so found many examples of it. That's what I need to do - put it on my radar.... Great images~!

  3. there are some great Banksy murals in Bristol where my daughter is at university, I love them. Great shots here, so vibrant

  4. this is a great post about street art. i love all the shots you captured.

    i especially love your description of how you went out with 3 cameras and a dog. sometimes i think i am nuts when i realize how much gear i am packing for some of my photo walks. add in the dog leash in one hand and a tripod and it can become a real workout walking around the city!!


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