Thursday, January 12, 2012

FILM26 - the letter A

 Sometimes things don't work out as expected. 
Sometimes things that should be fairly easy become hard.
Sometimes there are setbacks.
Sometimes the easy way is to give up and stop.
Yet, I find if I persevere and slog though it
that really good things can come from what seemed so difficult.
My letter A for FILM26
had bundle of troubles - more than I could have imagined.
Yet, I'm pleased with what came.

 What came was a whole lot of accidental goodness.
A whole roll of double exposure and a roll of some good, some not so good.

 I love the double exposure stuff...really love it.
But, I will tell you I didn't love getting there.
The roll I loaded wrong so I had no photos, the roll I thought I loaded wrong so I re-shot it.
The day I was really unhappy and took a whole roll of stupid stuff just to burn through the roll.  When I learned that Costco does not process TMAX.  The guy where they sent me to get it developed - didn't like him.  He made me feel stupid for shooting film.  I took my film and left.  Will leave it at that - still mad at that guy.

The next day took a turn for the better.
Found the nice people to process TMAX.  The smile on my face when I opened the package of the accidental double exposure prints.

Film has its challenges for sure. 
I'm learning.  Its all good now.  The next roll will go much more smoothly now that I know the ropes.
I really do love this project.
The idea behind it is to become a more mindful photographer.
Its working so far.
I'm happy with what developed from the first letter.
Yes, it had its setbacks and super grumpy moments.
I can't wait to get started on letter B.

And a found A
just for fun.

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  1. OK, now that really does look like fun. I love your serendipitous double exposures; there's something mysterious and rather ghostly about them. I've been wondering what to do with my film camera, which I haven't used in several years. Maybe I should get some black and white film and give it a go.

  2. these are all brilliant and they look so fantastic in black and white, well done! film is so frustrating, I had something similar happen to me and then with my black and white film I destroy the whole thing trying to put it in the camera before I even started.

  3. Marvelous and A for amazing. The hell with the grouchy uninformed guy. You really came up with some beautiful images. Well done.

  4. love them all, especially your "found" A!


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