Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 in a Word

Is it possible to pick a word to live by for an entire year?
I think so.
For 2012 I have chosen
as my word.
I am not planning on wielding any weapons, slaying dragons or fighting in wars.
For me, being a warrior means:
no fear
strong of heart, mind and body
takes a stand
knows what she wants
action - no sidelines

I believe if I can take on the above qualities for the year I may actually get something accomplished!
I really believe there is a warrior in all of us.  Ever thought of that?   I know we have all seen her in ourselves.  She comes out and surprises us from time to time.  Well, I am calling her out on a much more regular basis this year.
"Hello?  Inner Warrior...it's Me
I need your strength today"
and you know what?  She'll rise to the occasion. I know she will.

I remember Beyonce saying that when she goes on stage she calls on her inner warrior - She calls her Sasha Fierce. 

Have you picked a word? 
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  1. such a strong word. i love it (and the photo!)

    i didn't do much with my word ("space") in 2011 but it was in the background--there when i needed it. this year my word is "believe". no big plans around it, just there for when i need a little push. i even ordered a locket with the word inscribed in it. can't wait for it to come in the mail :)

  2. What a cool word choice. You go girl!!

  3. That's such a great word! Wow, what a great warrior pose too...you could be on the cover of Yoga magazine! My word for 2012 is "journey." This move to a new city will certainly be the journey for me, and I hope to make the best out of every bit of it.


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