Monday, January 30, 2012

FILM26 - The Letter C

It's time for the letter C over at FILM26.

 I do have letter blocks for each letter, so you will be seeing more of these. 
I spent a day out in the rain with my camera only because it was the day I had to spend on photography.  I went down to the boat docks to see what I could find.

C is for Catch

I was lucky and did have a beautiful day in Seattle to spend on photography.  I hit Gas Works Park to take in the Seattle skyline from the north end of Lake Union.
C is for Conversation

I  also went to Volunteer Park

C is for Conservatory
 Had to take out the Polaroid and see what I could do.
C is for Chrysler

C is for Custom
Frankly, it wouldn't be Seattle if I didn't include this:
C is for Crab

C is for Cheesy Chicken
 Join in the fun over at

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