Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sharing Hawaii

Its snowing like crazy here today in Seattle.
I do love the snow
but as I was browsing my photo library today
I was longing a bit for

We spent 11 days there in December
Just before Christmas.
 Lets face it.
Tropical flowers are captivating
They just beg to be photoed
 And really, I'm a sucker
for photoing flowers.
Can't help myself
 So, today thought I would share
some sunshine and some of the beautiful flora
of Maui.
The smells, textures and colors
never cease to amaze me when I am there
on the islands. 
 I really have no idea what some of these beauties
are called.  Yet, it really doesn't matter.
 A little visual stimulation of tropical flowers
seems to take the bite out of winter just
for a moment.
Happy January Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. So beautifully photographed! We got married on the beach in Maui, so that place always holds a special place in my heart. Just returned home to Las Vegas from Seattle last, that sure was some snow, but sounds like we missed the big snow day! I think I will be selling my little 2 seater convertible before we move there. LOL It really was pretty and SO different to see. Stay warm!


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