Friday, January 20, 2012

Come a Long Way... Baby

It's been just a little over a year ago that I started Encaustic (Wax) painting.  Its been an interesting road and I have learned so much about the medium.  But, my biggest takeaway for the year is how much I have learned about myself.
I like to pick a word that is my mantra for the year.  Last year, my word was
I was wanting to learn.
I have actually surprised myself with the knowledge I gained in regard to painting:
  1. I've learned I love painting with wax - its magical for me
  2. I am not an abstract painter - not my deal at all
  3. I actually want to paint a painting of something with the wax
  4. I love love painting portraits and figures
  5. I love to work BIG
  6. I love putting words in my paintings - words are inspiring and thought provoking
  7. I love the more POP ART style because it makes it fun

Above is my most recent painting.  She's BIG 24x24. 
Below is where I started its 3x3

I started out with my inner critic running the show.  Howling at me every day.  Telling me that it was really ridiculous that I was trying this at all.  I couldn't paint bigger than 3 inches square.  I was totally petrified of the whole process.  But, there was this little flicker inside that kept me at it.  Kept me trying, kept me learning.  I took some workshops and its a wonder that I could get through them at all.  Afraid to be free and work there, I would just dabble and come home with knowledge in my brain but nothing tangible to show for it.
What I learned is that I can not for my life paint an abstract painting or put together a collage.  The thought of being free and painting swirls and swishes and all that - NOPE, not my deal.  Not at all. 
But, I CAN paint a portrait.  I'm not sure exactly how that came to me.  I saw some portrait work in wax and for whatever reason, I wanted to try it.  No rhyme or reason - but it works - its my deal.  I still have a long way to go and lots to learn.  However, I feel I am on the right track now
So, if your inner critic rules your creativeness - she can be quieted.  She can take a back seat to what it is you are meant to do.  Don't be discouraged.  Kept going whatever direction feels right.  Gain KNOWLEDGE, move forward, practice and think BIG.
Just sayin


  1. I haven't been around the blog world in a long time. So here I am again looking though my favorites links and found this post of yours. This is an amazing picture. I would hang it in my home, seriously. Such an inspiring post. In't it wonderful to find what you love?
    I hope to be back with a new and fresh blog in a few weeks.
    Love from Eva

  2. Marji, she is gorgeous. You really have come a long way. I've only been following you since Kat's classes last summer/fall, but in that time I've seen your encaustic work make tremendous strides. I'm really enjoying following your progress as you discover what your true self loves.

  3. I love your BIG girl. I love that you include text in your images. I too like that, though don't always do's like I forget and then it's magical when it happens. Here's what I know about wax painting-nothing. But I know I like what you've created. Applause to you for gathering knowledge, letting it swirl inside and come out shining. Fantastic.


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