Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good Things have a way of showing up

Good things have a way of showing up.
Sometimes they just land in your lap
and stare you down.
They call out
Hey, you...
Time to rethink, reframe, restart.
Well, this happened to me.

A very good friend of mine asked me to join her for a 5 week class called the
Kathy Abascal of Vashon Island here near Seattle.
Really, I had no idea what it was but, what I did know is that I don't spend enough time with my good friend, so I am in for the classes.  Its my chance to be with my friend.  Sometimes we just need to do that.
The first class was on Sunday January 15.
I had no idea that what I was signing up for was a 5 week diet plan that helps quiet inflammation in the body.  Now, do I need this?  Don't feel like I have many issues that would need such a diet, but I'm on board.
Why not?  ..Really..
The first 3 weeks is called the elimination phase:
There are food ratio components (very simple), eating 5 times a day, no proportion limits (good)
but the biggies are
no wheat, no diary, no sweeteners, no dried corn products, no artificial stuff and...
no alcohol.
I admit totally that I enjoy my wine in the evening.  So, the last one seemed the toughest next to no bread and no yogurt.  Staples for me.
I officially started on Monday
Had to diligently read ingredient labels because it is really eye-opening to see what is in our food.
Has been a little weird to not have wine to wind down.  But, I am rediscovering other things to sip in the evening.
I'm a week into this and finding
that YES, I really do need something like this.
My energy level has gone up huge since starting.  I feel better already and am sleeping better.
I don't have a feel for other benefits yet but I have a feeling they will show themselves.
It seems pretty apparent to me already, that something I eat daily is dragging me down.  I won't know what it is until I move on to week 4 when we start adding things back in and testing for sensitivities.
I'm not pushing the diet here.
I'm just sharing my experience.
Its interesting for me because I feel like I eat pretty well, I exercise, I have a few vices... but we all do.
Its interesting because I am feeling better in just a few days.
I'll keep sharing.


  1. This is interesting. I'll be looking forward to hearing more as you move through the process.

  2. sounds a great idea, I am making sure I don't eat bread or cakes during the week. I read the other day that if you feel odd from the lack of sugar in your diet then you up your intake of salt just until your body adjusts of its own accord. Love your picture and good luck with it all!


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