Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fog, Painting All Day and The Pinyon Jay

The Pinyon Jay
detail of a larger painting
encaustic and India Ink on birch approximately 10x10

Imagine yourself sitting in the bottom of a refrigerator looking up through the glass shelf that has milk poured across its surface... well, that sums up Seattle's weather as of late.  Normally, it would be causing me to moan about the fog and the chill and the lack of sun and, and, and...  yet, there is good that has come from this weather inversion.
cold chilly foggy weather + the lack of desire to go out =
brilliant studio time to paint to my heart's desire
I've been working on a series of bird paintings due to my thrift store bargain of the century - a book on north American birds that I swear was never opened but the one obligatory time when received as a gift.  Lucky for me, it made its way to the Goodwill.  Thank you very much Mr or Mrs Anonymous Giver - your donation is greatly appreciated!
Mr. Jay here is not a bird that is local to us in the Pacific Northwest - yet, I so loved him that he just had to make it onto a panel.  He has several other friends in various stages of work, so he is not alone in studio.  Its starting to look like a regular aviary in the basement workshop.
That glimpse of red at the left of the painting?  Its the other half of this panel.  Will show you that on Friday - so be sure to come back for the unveiling.


  1. Love your jay. Would love to experiment with encaustic and photography. Have you tried that. Also loved your description of Seattle. Live in central new york so i feel your gray cocoon.

  2. Your bird detail is fabulous, textures and all! I can't wait to see the whole thing. xo


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