Monday, June 30, 2014

JUNE: 630

June - Swim 630
encaustic mixed media on birch 8x10
 Swim - yes we do, in June.
Thank you for joining me with a painting a day in June.  Below is the entire month of June.  It was a project of epic proportions for me - my first installment work.  Each panel is for sale individually.  When the painting was first viewed - it was like a full beautifully decorated cake that was uncut.  No one wanted to be the first to take a piece.  It was a bit disappointing for me - but the part that I did not expect, nor anticipate is the amount of joy that it brought to me as I watched people stand in front of the painting - pondering each panel, each day and talking amongst themselves about things and memories that it prompted in them.  Discussions of riding in the "way back" in a station wagon on a road trip, gramma's cherry pie, June brides, Father's Day and all other things in between.  It was magical for me. 


  1. This was just a great overall piece, Marji - and I look forward to bringing my little piece of June (the 21st) home with me tomorrow! Congratulations on this installation piece - it was inspired, and inspiring!!!

  2. What a wonderful piece all our together like that and congrats on it being exhibited. I can understand why no one wanted to be the 1st to take it apart but how wonderful for it to be such a source of memories and nostalgia for the viewers. X

  3. Marji, your project and whole painting look amazing and so much inspiring. You created amazingly painted piece with beautiful meaning. It is fantastic. Huge congrats and thank you for sharing!


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