Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Reflections: Week 3

The photo project, December Reflections has been helping to re-sharpen my eye.  I forget how wonderful it is to be tuned in and watching for those perfect photo opportunities during the day.  Each day has a theme, so in a way it makes it a bit harder to find the perfect photo.  I wanted to try not to stage things too much, but just to enjoy whatever the day brings.  Below is week 3 of the project.

12/19: Delicious

12/20: This Year Was...
transitional and good
12/21: Friendship
12/22: Fragrant
12/23: Sparkle

12/25: Today is..
Pretty perfect!

12/26:  Sweet

12/27: Silence
12/28: Love is..


  1. Beautiful! Fragrant and Sweet are my favorites. Fragrant because of the strong yet simple lines, negative spaces and striking colors; Sweet because it is chocolate - and that should be reason enough - but also the delicate shadows that makes me neeeed to go dig for some cacoa-flavanoids RIGHT NOW!

  2. Beautiful photos-I agree that it is often good to have some encouragement to look for beauty. love the light in your friendship photo & your rainbow & palm trees looks perfect!


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