Thursday, January 15, 2015

Words, Finding Fit and Linocut Teapots

Yellow Teapot
reduction lino cut 4 x 6

2015 in a word.

Each year, I pick a word to be my north star for the upcoming year.  I let it be a reminder of what I want to accomplish over the next 12 months.  Its a bit like a safe harbor.  If I lose my way or get a little wobbly, I have a place to return to, reset and strike out again.  I like having a word.  In a year, I find I can get a bit scattered,  and having a word, reins me back in and gives me direction.  A word is very personal, yet I feel it needs to be shared and spoken out loud.  Because once it is out there in the world, its much easier to live by. 

A word to live by can be strong and forceful, like my word from 2012.  Or it can be action oriented, like my word from 2013.  2011's word was Knowledge, and my word last year, was about direction.

So after much pondering and nixing great words like hone, balance, and swing - for 2015, I decided upon the word:

Its a year for getting fit, keeping fit and finding fit.
I've passed the halfway mark of life.  I'm finding that my stamina is less, my strength is less and it takes way longer to heal from an injury than it used to.  This year is dedicated to trying to stay level and not lose ground and maybe if I'm lucky, I'll make up some lost ground. 
About finding fit - I need this especially.  I'm living a double life spreading myself between two cities, two homes, two studios.  This year is about finding a rhythm and a way that feels equally good in both places. 
Its also
F - flexibility.  I need not only in the form kindness to my body and fitting yoga into the mix this year, but also more about going with the flow and flexing and bending in ways that keeps life in balance
I - intention.   Setting it and moving forward in ways to make it happen.  Finding a way to release the patterns that hold me in place and keep me from getting where I want and need to be.
T - Time.  I have time and space for everything I want to do.   I need to stop struggling with it and accept that things are happening at the pace in which they are meant to happen - no more and no less.
Its kind of amazing actually how much I managed to fit into one three letter word. Its a big word for a little word.  I'm looking forward to living up to it in 2015.
If you have a word for 2015, I hope you share it here.  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Fantastic, love the yellow teapot. Valerie

  2. Love your teapot! And your word of the year and you are right, it IS a little word for such a big word (or was it the other way around?) Happy PPF
    (My word this year is "listen")

  3. You are very thoughtful...and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and north star with us! I can relate to much of this... I may need a word too... or I might just unashemedly piggy-back on yours:-) LOVE the teapot.If you put the kettle on, I'll be over in a bit:-)

  4. I adore that teapot... Serious love... I scrolled back up three times... And I like how you take a word that scares the bejesus out of me and turn it into something I could relate to lol... Awesome post

  5. Great, that plane teapot and vibrant color. Saludos

  6. Beautiful lines, layers of color, composition of shapes--a very beautiful graphic art piece. I am inspired by your word reflection too.

  7. Hi Marji. Your teapot is outstanding. Love your word for the year.

  8. beautiful teapot! Fabulous post about your word.I love how you made it F-I-T perfectly for what you wish to accomplish! I did a post and journal page for my word for this year which is "nourish".

  9. I will try again, since my previous comment weren't posted... But I love your teapot, I think the colour combination is really great, and you have an amazing style :) I also think that to have a word doing the year is an interesting thing, and I will try it out, so my word for 2015 is playful-learning :) Looking forward to follow you in the future :)


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