Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Inspiration Today, Studio Happenings and Work in Progress: 157

Working on doodles for my class with Diane Culhane
its pretty addictive to draw on these little watercolor pages
Here's some things that I am finding inspiring today.
  1. little blue hearts - On my morning walk, I came across a box of chalk that some kids had left at the top of a very long outdoor staircase and trail.  They had done some street art but left their chalk.  I got the happy idea to take a piece of chalk and "share some love".  Little blue hearts now dot the stairs and trail to add a "little love" to the day of someone passing.
  2. Cutter's Point coffee for charities. 
  3. For all who love color
  4. These lovely linocuts
  5.  Poetic paintings


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