Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exploring New Light

Exploring, experimenting, trial and error... aren't these the things we love about photography? The opportunity that comes with every photo jaunt is pure joy. Getting it right is the manta we carry with us. No one likes to come home and find the photo you thought you got perfect, really was a missed opportunity. I'm finding that having an understanding for capturing all kinds of light is uber important.

On our recent trip to Rome, I had to really step up - I had to learn to adjust and be quick on the learning curve. Its amazing when we set our mind to something, how quickly we can learn. I was taking photos in the bright sunlight under clear blue skies and then inside of a dimly lit cathedral, and lots in between. I really wanted to be sure to capture the beauty of all that I was seeing. My opportunity was limited and there was no going back - at least for a while anyway.
This is a whole new avenue for me - inside photography, no flash, HUGE dimly lit spaces, windows streaming light and little to no help from any kind of alternate light sources. OK, really.... photography heaven.

My initial reaction was to turn up the exposure into the + range. I found it so interesting that for me, this really NOT what I wanted to do. I felt, the best photos were either with exposure 0 or in the - range. The histogram review and thumbnails really helped provide the feedback I needed to make the proper adjustments. I had some winners and I had some losers too. That's part of the game.

I was finding in my photo wanderings during our vacation, that I began seeking great light. I was really looking to find those "magic moment" photos where the light holds drama. It was exciting and fun, with the exception that my camera got heavy by the end of the day. A labor of love though... wouldn't have left it behind for anything.

Above is Hercules - the pillar of strength. Light is kind of the Hercules of photography, don't you think?

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for fixing the pics. Great photos, I really like your style. LOVE the stairway one.


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