Monday, February 28, 2011


Every morning I look out my kitchen window and I think I am the luckiest girl on the planet. I am greatful for waking up and seeing the beauty that lies before me. This is a photo I took close to this time last year.
Kat Sloma's Exploring with a Camera is about Capture the Sky. I have to say that we've been a little challenged here in Seattle for good sky opportunities lately.

I found I had to browse the archives to see what sky photos I have taken. I was a little amazed to see that really I don't have a lot of sky photos. I have sunrise photos like the one above. But real cloud play photos - not too many.

This made me question if we look up enough? Or are we so focused on our feet and where we walk that we fail to look up to the beauty above? So is this question of sky deeper that just looking at clouds? What does the sky really say to us when we see the beauty that is above our heads every day?
These are all interesting questions for me to ponder. I realized through this exercise, that I need to look up more. I need to incorporate more photos of the gift of beauty that lies in sky..
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  1. Your sky picture is marvelous, and yes you are so lucky. How beautiful!

  2. Such wonderful photos - I love all of them!

  3. Oh, lovely photos. You are a lucky girl to have that view to wake up to every day! Interesting thoughts this theme made you ponder. I hope to see more sky shots here in the future. :) Thanks so much for linking in to Exploring with a Camera.

  4. I love all your skies and i loved the view from your kitchen too.
    Great reminder to look up more - I hope I can find blue skies above me tomorrow.


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