Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Black and White and Square

Kat Sloma has us exploring square format in her exploring with a camera series. I love square. Its may favorite format and I find myself using it lots. After downloading photos into Picasa, I find the ones that catch my eye. I straighten and then experiment with cropping. I almost always try the square first - just to see what I see.
This past week, I gave myself a tall order. My living room needed some zip and quite frankly at little injection of me. I felt that I had only decorated to about 85% and then stopped. So a trip to IKEA for frames got me started. I sat down at the computer and looked through the photos - new and old. I decided my theme was Seattle specific, black and white and square. Little did I realize what a task that would be.

I figured square was easy - not necessarily so. It seemed like a lot of what I felt were my really good photos didn't fit with square. Seattle specific cut the archive by alot. Black and white is what proved to be the really tough part. I find that many, many photos just don't cut it once transfered to b&w in photoshop. They just lack the punch they need. I have much better luck with my iPhone apps when it comes to b&w.

I printed a bunch of little square photos of any that made the cut. I cut them out with scissors and sat on the couch and held them up at arm's length to see what I thought they may look like once on the wall. The project took forever... this one.. no that one... how does is look with this one... etc.. you get the idea. Anyway. I picked 4 - 4 frames, 4 photos.

I then uploaded them to Costco's photo website and picked them up 2 hours later. $13 for 4 12X12 prints - not bad. I framed them, hung them and have been really happy with the outcome. I have to make a change or two, but overall - pretty good.
So, as inspiration to you - a give away! YAY!! We all love giveaways. - make a comment, become a follower and I will send the winner a copy of the Seattle Space Needle photo. Think of it as a little love from Seattle. You will have until Sunday March 20 to enter. I'll pick a random winner and announce on Monday March 21.


  1. those are wonderful prints. I need to do some big prints to hang. wonder if Sams makes prints as good as Costco? since we moved there is no Costco near us but we do have a Sams. ugh.

  2. I love that top shot of your living room - looks great. Square is such an interesting format, isn't it. Of the four you picked, my favourite is the solar clock - such great light and interesting shapes in it.

    jennifée / littlescribe

  3. What a great challenge, I recognise some of those shots. Glad to hear Ikea helped out!
    I had no idea of the detail of the Space Needle up close. Would love to see it one day but I think I will give the lift a miss.
    They look great on your wall. Well done you.

  4. What a great project! Your photos are terrific! The Space Needle one is especially dramatic -- I'd love a copy of it. :)

  5. WOW! Your decorating is amazing. I love all of the photos you chose. It sounds like it was a great exercise overall, and you really picked some beautiful ones. You've inspired me - I already wanted to print some of my Italy photos when I get home, but I love what you did with yours. Thanks so much for participating in Exploring with a Camera!

  6. i need to print some of my more recent photos. it's been a while. thanks for the inspiration! yours look great.

  7. oh, and following you too, don't know why i wasn't before :)

  8. You chose some really great shots to print out. The shot of the space needle is amazing.


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