Sunday, March 13, 2011

Focus 52- Variety

For Focus 52 this week over at TwoScoops, the word is VARIETY. I thought about all the variety there is in life from the cereal aisle at the grocery store to the clothes in my closet. But, what really struck me for this week was variety in art - colors, mediums, subjects, styles, materials - so much.

How do we choose? How do we pick one thing and go with it, when there are so many options?

Variety can be overwhelming or it can be really inspiring. The key is to let it be inspiring and not let the world bombard you with so many options that you don't know where to start.

Pick something. Start somewhere and see where that leads. There are no rules. Let variety inspire you.


  1. You are so is so hard to choose when there are so many options...good image!

  2. So true!!! I often find myself stuck, surrounded by so many options I can't step forward.
    Perfect images and words for this week's prompt!

  3. Letting our minds, go and following our creativity is a good thing! Well done...

  4. Yes, this has often been my problem. Too much variety confuses me.
    I just re-found your blog. I think we met during the Unravelling e-course. I love the links you have about photography and creative inspiration. Do you know about more photography e-courses. I would like to dive into photography more, but find most online courses very dry. I need a creative and playful aspect in it to make it interesting.
    Love from Eva

  5. A variety of shots, love it. I love paintbrush shots, & really need to remember to bring my camera out sometime when I'm painting.


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