Friday, March 18, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Camera Phone photography hosted by Mortal Muses (check out their button on the side bar), Camera, Shoes, Chair and Imperfection. Here is my collection.

- Camera Phone - iPhoneography-
I got my iPhone about 1 month ago and I am totally hooked on the camera apps. I find that I take way more quick inspiration photos now than I used to. This is a building that has turned into a canvas for street art. It is ever changing and I find it interesting to check in once in a while and see what's new. Its not a bad part of town or a threatening place to be in any way. Its actually very near the U of W campus. I love the color and the spontaneity.

- Camera -
I have a dSLR. I love it and am learning how to use it more and more. However, I'm loving using my iPhone to capture street scenes. I've never really spent time taking street scenes because I felt a little self conscious with a big camera. Now I feel I can be more stealth-like and grab a few here and there. Now I'm getting into the b+w street scenes and really loving exploring b+w iphoneography. There are so many cool apps that give some amazing b+w photos.

- Shoes -
Seattle's favorite footwear - boots. The variety that walk the streets is incredible from leather to rubber. Its all here.

- Chair -
The dog has taken to making a statement and sitting in the Kitty's chair. So, the Kitty has taken to liking the dog's bed. This is how we spend rainy days.

- Imperfection -
These are the perfect size, the perfect shape. They are the "go to" bowls - used every day. Perfect in every way except for the chips in the rims... the imperfection. I can't think to get rid of them.


  1. Great photos! I love the boots. I've been following your Flicker page for a while now, and just started following your blog. I love your city so much! I'm also interested in encaustic art, and look forward to seeing more of your art. I didn't get to participate in the Scavenger Hunt this week, but hopefully again soon.

  2. Fantastic shot for camera- love your perspective on these.

  3. awesome captures! I love the black and white images. The bowl shot has a great leading line efect in the composition... The camera shot is an original take on the theme. (reminds me of chinese customs area).

  4. Love the chair shot. How cute that they swapped spots.

  5. These are wonderful - I love your cell phone shot and imperfections!

  6. oh wow - love the first two shots :D Great stuff this week!!!

  7. The chair shot is sweet.
    Great set!

  8. How awesome! LOVE that wall...true art. How funny your cat hangs out on the dog bed! Love the perspective of imperfection - lovely :)

  9. i love that you are getting into the iphone. it's so addicting! great shots.

  10. i love your takes on every shot! My favorite being the very first! Lovely photos!

  11. Great shots! The chair picture made me laugh.

  12. LOVE your chair...they just look so comfy. And your Camera shot is pretty cool. :)

  13. Love, love, love these! WOW! Very creative and inspiring interpretations. I love graffiti! (Photographing it, not creating it LOL)

    I'm hosting a new linkie over at my blog called Fabulous Friday. I'd love it if you could participate! The link is:



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