Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Own Little Planet.

Every now and again, I need something that is totally different. Something I have never done. It adds some spice to life to try something outside of the box. Today I was stressing over my 365 photo. I really didn't have the opportunity to get one done. Now, mind you I could have taken a photo of something around the house or out on my dog walk... but frankly, I felt I needed something more than that today. I came across Ashley Sisk's tutorial in the Muse University over at Mortal Muses. She was teaching us how to make our own little planets.
Its really a simple process in PSE. The hard part was finding a photo that would work for a planet and could be cropped to a panorama. Then.... the hardest part for me was having the patience to do a good job with the healing brush and blending the line out. I've decided that there are some things I have the most amazing patience a person could ever have... and then there are those things that I don't last more than a minute or two and I can't drum up an ounce of patience for it at all... well, doing a really good job in PSE with the healing brush and the clone stamp stuff.. not my forte. I've chalked it up to "not getting it". But really, it comes down to patience. These are my planet attempts. The second one... can't you just imagine yourself sitting in that chair? Give this a try.. its pretty fun. Hit the Mortal Muses button on the right and head to their webpage and look for the More Musing link once you get there (upper left sidebar). Thanks to Ashley - she's our Scavenger Hunt host as well as all kinds of other great learning opportunities on her website - hit the Scavenger Hunt Sunday button on the right and it'll take you to her site.

And YAY!!! I have a winner of the Space Needle photo from my post last week - Black and White and Square. I did one of those random number generator things and it came up with number 6 - Christy:: AKA:: UrbanMuser. Thanks to everyone for participating. I'll come up with some other fun give aways down the road.


  1. Just followed the links for the tutorial. Amazing, and as you say, apart from the touch up element, quite straightforward. I will have to get myself PSE. Thanks for the tip off

  2. I've been meaning to try these planets...thanks for directing me to Ashley, even tho' I already know where to find her. Just need the push to give one a try. I like your first one with the cityscape....but sitting in that chair looks a little scary, like one might just tip over.
    Did I mention how much I LOVE your header? It's fantastic.

  3. yay! i am excited about my win, thanks again.

  4. I love how your planets turned out. And congrats to Christy!!

  5. I love the first, the abstract city of your dreams:)


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