Monday, August 27, 2012

FILM26:: R is for...

Its time for the letter R over at FILM26.  We're now 2/3 of the way through the project of following the alphabet through the year using film.  I honestly have to say that digital does not have the special factor that you find in film. Film is special - really.  Digital is easy, yes - but.. there is something about film that can not be duplicated.  I believe that film takes on an even deeper meaning for those who have darkrooms and do their own processing.  I'm not developing my own.. but many do.  However, I am a believer.. there is no substitute.
Me and R
I've come to love film over these past 8 months.  Its a pain for me since I have to think ahead.  Its more costly.  Its a bunch of bad photos with one or two good ones... but I wouldn't trade my experience so far.

 I've met some amazing film photographers.  I know some great digital photographers that took up film this year in the name of this project.
R in Neon
 We still have a ways to go.  Every photo gets better.  Every roll processed has at least one more better photo.  Its love... it is.

R is for... Rainer Cherries
R is also for Red which seems to be an underlying theme with my R photos.   I didn't post my Q photo from the past two weeks... it stumped me and I kept thinking I would come up with a great Q set, but I didn't.. here is my one and only Q photo from two weeks ago.

Me and Q 


  1. Really GOOD photos and letter captures too!!!!

  2. Great site!! I'm from the Art Blog Hop...would appreciate a follow back! :)



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