Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Creative Inspiration:: Collecting Books

I seem to be collecting books lately.  I really don't know why.  All of them, I have been drawn to and had to buy.  Some, I haven't yet opened since they arrived in my home.  Others, are partially read and some, I'm not really sure why I bought them in the first place, other than I just liked them.  Do you collect books?  I find great inspiration in books.  I'm a slow reader.  I am one of those people who has to read every word.  Therefore it takes me a while to read a book.  I also like to read a book in its entirety.  However, these books I am finding that a read some, take what I need and then let it sit for a while.  I may or may not come back to it.  But aren't they pretty?

One of my favorite places to stumble upon interesting books is Anthropologie.  Seems I come home with one whenever I go there.  I've found some of my favorites at Anthropologie.  Ones that when I open the pages, inspiration just flows.  I now own two books by Sabrina Ward Harrison.  The first one is The True and the Questions

The second is And the Story is Happening.  I actually have no intention of using these books as they were intended.  Both are designed to be used for journaling.  I just love looking at them.  For some reason I'm drawn to that way she paints her background work for these journaling pages. 

Twyla - well, we all should read this book.  Its been on my list for quite a while and I found it in a local bookstore.  I'm halfway through it.  All good stuff and I love the design work of the inside of this book.  If I ever write a book, I will use this design as inspiration.

This one I haven't read yet.  But, how could I pass up a title like this.  The contributers to this book are all amazing women.  The photography is brilliant.  I'm super excited to dive into this one.

I like Danny Gregory.  His story is inspiring and his drawings are fun.  He has a lot of good stuff to say in this book and good lessons on drawing.

Finally, if you know Susannah... well, you just have to have this book.  Susannah teaches the amazing Unravelling courses.  She is a brillant Polaroid photographer and writer.  I've just read little bits so far and already I love it. 
So, what books are on your nightstand?


  1. I'm a bit like you - I love books and could spend all day in a bookshop, just browsing or a library - I love reading but haven't read a novel in a long time - the trouble is once I start I get totally lost in the story and can't put it down - and then my family don't get fed!!! Lately though I've been collecting art books and walking books - and will dip in and out of them at leisure - my latest buy is Jean Haines Atmospheric Watercolours - a beautifully illustrated book - another of my favourites is Hazel Soan's African watercolours - just beautiful and inspiring - it's funny as I'm just off out now to a bookshop to see if I can grab any bargains - will report back later if I buy anything!!! Have a lovely day

  2. I too have a weakness for books, and like you especially the ones at Anthropologie - someone does a great job at choosing what books they carry. But then I love almost everything at Anthropologie. Sometimes I get lost in Amazon art books - I look one up, then it leads to another they "suggest, then another. They're so good at leading you down the rabbit hole....

  3. My basket of books is always overflowing. If we are to have a weakness- a weakness for books is a good one to have! I may just need to pop over to the book store and check these out! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these titles. I love your blog. I found you while visiting I've added you to my blogroll because I think I'm going to enjoy your blog and your art! Have a wonderful day :) Gwyn


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