Monday, July 30, 2012

FILM26:: The Letter P

32 weeks of taking film photos. 
16 letters under my belt
20 rolls of film
480+ prints
4 film cameras

How lucky can a girl be?  A pink poodle just happened to be out on a walk in Pike Street Market area.  I only had the old Ricoh to grab a photo with - point and shoot.  I had used up my other roll in the Nikon as was heading back to the car to go home.  It was a split second opportunity and it came out.  Would have been a lot more fun to really grab a good photo here.  But, I'm happy

Had to take this one... had to show the beautiful clear blue sky in Seattle.

One last - Me and P.  I never know if my selfies will turn out - so I take at least a couple per letter and cross my fingers that one will work out.  This time, I got both.

Film is growing on me.  I love the grainy quality.  I love the anticipation of getting the prints back.  I love that I have only 24 or 36 tries.  Hit the button and check out some other lovely P photos.

1 comment:

  1. Great photos! Love that poodle- so glad it turned out!!


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