Monday, July 2, 2012

FILM26:: N is for...

Its time for the letter N over at FILM26.  It feels good to be on the downhill slope.  It feels good to know that I have stuck with it and will make it to the end.  I have gotten ahead on making the letter tiles which makes me relax a bit.  Running behind the ball is not fun and stressful.
Now, I'm waiting for some good weather which should be arriving here on July 5th.  That seems to be the case in the Pacific Northwest, summer arrives the day after our holiday on the 4th of July.  It equates to more outdoor time and more outdoor photography time.
Me and N
 I love wandering around Capitol Hill here in Seattle. Its interesting urban street photography. I'm starting to get over my phobia of taking photos in public. Its not so much a phobia as it is just feeling like I'm intruding.
Not Nike
I'm super excited... I bought a groupon for a photography class.  It's on July 25th.  Its digital, but I really hope to translate what I learn to film.  I opted for the Intermediate class which is a stretch.  Its goes with that Aim High thing I try for.  I was sent a list of things that I am expected to know before I come to class.  I've got some homework to do :) 

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