Monday, September 27, 2010


I went on an open studio tour over the weekend. I was looking to be inspired. Honestly, I really didn't care who or what I came across. I was just looking to be around art and hopefully find things, people and works of art that inspired me.

This is the work of Kathe Fraga. The photos do her artwork no justice what-so-ever. OH MY.. I want one so badly. Her work is called "French Wallpaper Series" - inspired by the old handpainted timeworn silk wallpapers she found in French maisons. I visited the Museo gallery in Langley on Whidbey Island and found her work there. She is a local Seattle artist located on Bainbridge Island.

You can see more of her work here -

I've always loved glass. Not something I think I will ever try, but I am so amazed and inspired by glass. The kilns - hot and molten, the colors, the shaping, the constant movement and working of the glass before it solidifies. By pure chance, I came across this studio which was open for the tour. A huge space that they could open garage doors on three sides of the studio to make it open to the outside. It was an awesome place to work and be inspired.

I left the island on the 5:30 ferry. What a day. Filled with art, good food, sunshine and breeze. Couldn't get better than that! Actually it was better than that... all this was shared with my Mom as she accompanied me on this artistic adventure.

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  1. I love glass work. I could watch them do that for hours.


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